COVID-19 vaccines require ultra-low temperature storage and cold chain to maintain their potency.  

CDC provides very detailed guidelines on monitoring the temperature of vaccines during storage and transport.  

Vaccines can easily lose potency when exposed to higher temperatures, and have to be protected against accidental freezing during transport, as well as breaks in the cold chain due to exposure to high heat.

With so many critical steps between production and administration of vaccines, foolproof safety and integrity of vaccines can only be accomplished through seamless temperature monitoring and automatic logging of temperature data.

TALOSYS ultra-low temperature monitoring system for vaccines continuously monitors the vaccine temperature during storage and transport. 



ultra-low temperature monitoring

VACCINE Temperature Monitoring SYSTEM

Temperature monitoring is critical to ensure that the vaccines do not lose their proper potency due to mishandling and improper storage. Purpose-built freezers and refrigerators are required to store the vaccines.   Continuous, automatic monitoring of the vaccine storage temperature ensures that the temperatures are maintained in a specified range 

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Knowing the exact location of your vaccines during transport from the point of distribution to the point of administration of the vaccine without any blind spots is a critical component of vaccine cold chain logistics.  The temperature of the vaccines must be maintained within a specified range at all times.  Any temperature excursions must be automatically logged.  Immediate notification of a temperature excursion allows managers to effectively address the situation, potentially saving lives and money. 

Learn more about Talotherm Vaccine Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring system.

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