Smart safety solutions for housekeeping staff, schools, technicians, and the elderly

Harassment of housekeepers is a widespread problem, and cities across the US now require hotels to provide safety solutions for their employees. The Talosys smart safety solution is a non-intrusive solution that respects personal privacy and at the same time ensures that a designated person is notified instantly in case of an emergency.  This safety solution is available for schools, technicians, at-risk patients, and children.

  • No Site Survey Required
  • Compliance Guaranteed
  • Quick and wire-free install
  • As easy to use as pushing a button
  • Works both indoors and outdoors
  • Competitive pricing
  • No blind spots



















Used in School Lockdown

  • Enhances student and staff protection during dangerous intruder events, including active shooter incidents.
  • Instant alerts to smartphone, tablet and computer.  

The Talosys safety solution for elderly patients not only monitors their vital signs such as heart rate, but notifies a caregiver if the person falls down, saving lives.  The device can be worn on the neck as a pendant or as a smart watch.