Panic Button Alert System FAQs

What are Panic Buttons?

Panic buttons are small push-button devices that your staff can wear on a lanyard or clipped on. When the button is pressed alerts are sent to notify security and emergency personnel.

Who gets alerts when a panic button is pressed?

When the button is pressed, it sends text and email alerts with pinpoint accuracy of distress location to a list of designated recipients such as security personnel. The distress location also appears on the property’s floor plan or map.

Do the alerts communicate location updates?

Yes, the alerts are updated every 10 seconds to communicate accurate location information of the person in distress within the property. When the employee is safe from harm, the alert recipient can turn the help request off and document the action taken to address the situation.

Is it possible to create notification hierarchy?

We can set up an unlimited number of users at different levels to receive alerts, and then set up rules/escalation settings to alert different people under different circumstances. This includes alerting managers of the facility. Our team will assist with the alert notification setup.

Are the panic buttons portable?

Yes. These devices are wireless/battery operated and portable.

How long do push button batteries last

6 months. The panic button batteries are rechargeable.

Is a smartphone required to use the panic button?

No, the panic buttons do not require to be paired to the users’ smartphone..

Does it provide pinpoint location accuracy?

Yes. Bluetooth beacons are placed in rooms and other desired areas to determine the location of where the panic button is pressed, providing highly accurate location.

How many beacons are required per property deployment?

This depends exclusively on the total amount of areas/rooms the building has.

How many gateways are required per property deployment?

Typically, one gateway for every two floors (this depends on the size of the property).

What is the range of the gateway?

Range depends on building density due to walls, doors, and windows. The typical maximum range is 1,000 feet radius coverage from device to gateway. Gateways installed on all floors as recommended are sufficient and provide the necessary redundancy.

Who handles the installation?

The installation is simple and straight forward and can be done by your staff technician. 

Are beacons wired?

No. Beacons are wire-free battery operated.

How long do beacon batteries last?

Approximately 3 years.

Can the beacons be pre-configured before installation?

Yes, if the customer provides floor plans before installation then the beacons can be configured beforehand to save time during on-site install.

Does the system uses the facilities network?

No, the system does not use ethernet or wi-fi and is 100% off-network.

Are there additional installation costs?

Yes.  We recommend that customers install the solution themselves as it is easy to install.

How long does it take to install the System?

A property with up to 300 rooms is installed in one day.

What is included in the solution?
  • Wireless Panic Buttons
  • Battery-operated Bluetooth Beacons
  • Cellular Gateways (only one per floor approximately is required for installation)
  • Talosys Mobile App and Web Dashboard (For admin use, not required for staff to install)
How do we get location accuracy from the system?

Battery operated beacons are simply adhered in each area that is defined as a specific location. For example, they can be placed in rooms, by elevators, emergency exits, common areas, etc. The customer defines all the locations they want to include in their deployment. The beacon location is then configured in our system with the room/area assignment during installation.

Where do the gateways need to be placed on the property?

The gateways are installed one per floor. They should be installed on alternating sides of the building for each floor about 1/3 of the way inside from the edge of each floor.

How many panic buttons can be supported per gateway?

One gateway supports approximately 100 panic button devices that are all reporting simultaneously.

Will the system work with limited cellular coverage?

Yes, the system does not lose reliability due to poor cell coverage. The Panic Buttons use long-range wireless sensor technology that is ideal for this type of deployment. Even in bad cell coverage areas, our panic buttons will work throughout your property.

What does the price include?
  • Free Shipping and Handling within continental US
  • All Necessary Hardware (sensors and gateway)
  • Complete Online Training Service
  • Dedicated Tech Support
  • Talosys App Access with Unlimited Users during the subscription period