Smart Cities

From Always-On Air Quality monitoring to Smart Parking, provide the highest quality citizen services while maximizing revenues for the city.


Track your high-value assets locally or worldwide, boosting efficiency and control. Know the precise location of each asset worldwide.


Farmers use our precision farming and animal tracking solutions to improve their productivity.  Conserve water and irrigate only when you have to using our solid moisture level monitoring solution.


Provide a safer work environment for your employees,  practice energy and water conservation, provide innovative new services using our smart solutions.

Food Services

Comply with regulations and get help maintaining equipment at the proper temperature and humidity levels, generate automatic reports and charts.

FacilitIes Management

Track assets, practice energy, and water conservation, detect leaks, maintain desirable temperature and humidity using Talosys solutions.


Monitor vibration, temperature, pressure, and other parameters. Use the data for predictive maintenance to minimize downtime.


Manage lockdown situations safely, improve operational efficiency and enhance the quality of life on campus.


Maintaining proper temperature is vital for vaccines and medicines. Monitor temperature and humidity with our smart solutions.

Ultra-Low temperature monitoring

Ultra-Low Temperature Monitoring

Covid-19 vaccines must be maintained at ultra-low temperatures during storage nd transport.  Any temperature excursions, unless corrected quickly, can result in loss of potency, rendering the vaccine ineffective. Our Talotherm-80 wireless temperature monitoring system tracks ultra-low temperatures in the range of -328 degrees F to 325 degrees F.

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Asset Tracking

Keeping track of equipment, containers, and high-value assets in real-time is a critical challenge for organizations. The existing solutions have limitations and blind spots.  The Talosys asset tracking solution uses the latest Internet of Things technology to track assets both indoors and outdoors economically.

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Occupancy Detection

Office spaces are seldom utilized efficiently.  With flex hours and activity-based working, employees in some offices use whatever space is available at a particular time.  To make efficient use of electricity, the lights and air conditioning of a room should shut off automatically when there are no occupants.  The Talosys smart solution does this and alerts the staff.

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Hotels across the country have started providing their housekeepers with wearable safety devices that allow them to immediately alert security when they push a button on the device.
This device can also be used in any other kind of emergency situation, such as an accidental fall by a senior person or a technician getting injured at the worksite.

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Environment Monitoring

Air pollution is the fourth most fatal health risk in the world that can cause heart disease, lung cancer, or chronic bronchitis.  Inexpensive wireless sensors attached to street lights can measure and report air quality with great precision.
Automated readings combined with traffic volume, industrial emissions, and other data, can help managers and planners understand the cause of pollution and time of the day when pollution is at peak levels.

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Water Conservation

Fresh clean water is a limited resource.  Conservation of this resource is critical for our environment.  By conserving water,
we save on energy costs too.
Our smart water conservation solutions detect water leaks, measure the amount of water being consumed, measure soil moisture level and water level in a tank, and automatically shut off valves in case of detection of a leak.

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Predictive Maintenance

A robust predictive maintenance program that is in sync with the strategic objectives of the organization can help prevent unplanned shutdowns, help identify potential problem areas, and predict the optimal schedule for preventive maintenance. Predictive maintenance helps maximize the life of assets as well as minimizing the downtime and unplanned emergency shutdowns.

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Smart Parking

Manage parking assets to peak efficiency by monitoring the availability of each parking space using the Talosys smart parking solution.  Reduce parking stress, traffic congestion, air and noise pollution, and wasted time and fuel. The cost-effective solution has a battery life of 5-10 years and a long-range.

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Waste BIN LEVEL Monitoring

Cities and large facilities can eliminate overflowing garbage bins and dumpsters by using our smart waste bin solution.  This eliminates inefficient and unnecessary collection of garbage when the bin is not filled.  Inexpensive smart wireless sensors attached to the bin alert a designated person when the garbage reaches a preset fill level.

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