Liquid Level Monitoring

Monitor level in tanks, reservoirs, and snow levels using ultrasonic level sensors

The wireless sensors monitor the levels continuously, sending you alerts when certain preset thresholds are crossed.

  • Monitor Water level in a tank
  • Get real time insight into the level of water in the tank
  • Get automatic alerts when a preset threshhold is reached – filled or empty
  • Control the valve or pump remotely based on water level event
  • Eliminate human errors in manual monitoring
  • Save money, prevent damage or losses
  • Versatile and low cost
  • Measure snow level
  • Measure the level of snow fall remotely and automatically  
  • Get preset alerts and take action based on alerts
  • Rugged and sturdy IP68 sensors for outdoor use


  • Monitor level of water in a reservoir
  • Monitor water level in reservoir remotely  
  • Get automatic alerts when the level falls below or exceeds a preset level
  • Rugged IP68 sensor for outdoor use