Regulatory Compliance

Monitor temperature and humidity for regulatory compliance in food services and health care industries

Eliminate inefficient, error-prone, unreliable manual logging of refrigerator temperature, monitor temperature and humidity continuously, and create automatic reports for regulatory compliance.  The smart sensors read temperature at preset intervals and alert by email or text message if any threshold is crossed.

  • Reduce food wastage and health hazards.
  • Monitor temperature from anywhere, any time. 
  • Set alert rules and corrective actions
  • Install in 5 minutes
  • Excellent ROI
  • Access complete history of data logs and alerts
  • Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports
  • Receive compliance reports for inspectors
    • Use in cold chain logistics
    • Ensure that food reaches its destination without spoilage.  
    • Meet compliance requirements.
    • Drivers and dispatchers receive real time alerts and temperature, which helps mitigate spoilage costs.
    • Easy to deploy
    • Plug and play for monitoring refrigerated vans.
    • Gain customer confidence
    • Maintain medicines and medical equipment at the proper temperature
    • Meet compliance requirements.
    • Reduce waste
    • Create automated reports on daily, weekly, or monthly schedule
    • Data generated is hosted on the cloud for analytics and predictive actions.