How can Workplace Occupancy Monitoring Solution help?

TALOSYS Workplace Occupancy Monitoring Solution can greatly reduce your operational expenses by providing you with valuable insights into exactly how your office space is being used. These insights allow you to make well-informed decisions regarding your office space, which, on average, costs businesses around $25 per square foot, per year. These well-informed decisions typically lead to a 20% increase in workspace utilization, a 30% increase in office capacity, and, of course, ROI — companies who track office utilization and act on it are twice as likely to report cost savings.

What are the Workplace Occupancy Monitoring Sensors?

The main workplace occupancy sensors are:

  • Desk Occupancy
  • Room Occupancy
  • People Counting

You can also optionally add on environmental monitoring for:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • CO
  • PM2.5
  • Sound


How do Workplace Occupancy Monitoring Sensors work?

Simply scan the QR code on the back for each sensor, and place each sensor under desks or chairs and workspaces that you’d like to monitor. The rest is done for you! Each sensor will monitor the conditions 24/7/365 and upload that data to the cloud, where you can view it at your convenience on the TALOSYS web dashboards or mobile app.

How are the Desk Occupancy Monitoring Sensors powered?

Each sensor is wireless and powered by clean, low-footprint batteries. Batteries last for 3+ years and never need to be charged or turned off.

What expenses can the this Solution help save?

The biggest operational expense for a facility is rent. By acquiring a clear understanding of how your office is utilized (or under-utilized), you’re able to cut back on the space that you’re using—a 30% cutback, on average. As a byproduct of using less space or fewer workstations, you can also save money on janitorial services, electricity, and other utilities.

What type of maintenance is required for the Sensors?

None. All of our sensors are wireless & automated sensors that are designed to run out of sight and out of mind for 3+ years. If for any reason a sensor stops working, we’ll replace it for free during the subscription period.

Can I see occupancy data in real time?

Sure, you can view both real-time and historical data both on TALOSYS web dashboards or the TALOSYS mobile app on your phone.

How is occupancy data shown to me?

Occupancy data can be viewed by looking at visual representations of your office floor plan, images, or maps of where sensors are placed. You can also view the aggregate data in graphs or more robust data-capturing techniques.

How can I view the occupancy data?

You can view the data on TALOSYS dashboards and/or TALOSYS mobile app for iOS and Android. You can set occupancy alerts so that you’re alerted when occupancy changes in your workstations, and you can have those alerts texted or emailed to whomever you’d like. You can also set up automated reporting and trend visualization reports.

What’s the advantage of these Sensors ?

Accuracy and reliability. Studies have shown that having a person monitor occupancy of an office throughout the day results in data that is often times so unreliable that it’s unusable. Human “eye tests” simply cannot account for coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, meetings, or collaborative work in the way that always-on, constantly scanning occupancy sensors can. And to make matters worse, manual human monitoring can cost significantly more than automated sensors.

Are the sensors NIST certified?

NIST certification is optional and available upon request for a nominal fee. Contact your dedicated sales rep for more information or email: [email protected] 

Who do I call for support?

You can email [email protected]