Provide safety, security, and comfort for employees and guests while improving efficiency.

Ensure that your employees have a safe work environment and that your property uses energy and water optimally, so all your assets are protected and you know where they are at any time.

Talosys smart wireless solutions allow you to do all of this and more. Our sensors are long range, consume little power, are virtually maintenance free and cost less. They can be deployed in minutes.

















Employee & Guest safety

Protect housekeepers, hotel staff, and guests with a Panic Button Alarm System. This easy to use, long-range, cost-effective, low maintenance, essential security notification and communication system is as simple to use as pushing a button.

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Give energy managers the tools and solutions they need to automatically keep track of energy consumption on the property. Collect consumption data, analyze it in the cloud, and understand the big picture in energy consumption and energy conservation.

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Mobile assets such as housekeeping carts or lawnmowers can be hard to track down. The Talosys Asset Tracking solution shows you the location of the asset on the map and where the asset can be located on a large hotel property, without needing to be close to a WiFi gateway.

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Know real-time fill levels of garbage containers, prevent spillovers and littering.  Our Waste Management solution allows for more efficient refuse collection and reduces unnecessary pick-ups of half-empty bins, saving time and effort. Managers can more easily identify patterns and trends, which results in  better plan for container placements and refuse collection schedule.

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Rodent Control

Rodent control can be a major problem in any hotel. Smart wireless devices catch a rodent and then alert the staff by text message or email so the device can be emptied and reuses. No Internet connection is needed, the devices consume very little power, have a long-range, and require little to no maintenance.

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Parks and gardens on the property can be optimally irrigated by monitoring soil moisture, thereby reducing waste and over-irrigation.  Water leak detection sensors can sense leaks and automatically close valves preventing expensive property damage.

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Indoor Air quality is as important as outdoor air quality. Talosys Air Quality monitoring solutions monitor Carbon Monoxide, Carbon dioxide, gas leaks, and other hazardous conditions to ensure greater comfort and safety for guests, staff, and management. Sensors for measuring noise pollution are also available.

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Occupancy Detection

Real-time occupancy, location, and foot traffic data can be analyzed to identify usage patterns, allowing for greater efficiency, safety, and security.  This helps conserve energy if used in conjunction with temperature control sensors.

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