Facilities Management

Reduce costs, improve efficiency, provide a more comfortable environment for occupants

In the competitive facilities management sector, companies are always looking for ways to offer more benefits at lower operational costs. Talosys Smart Facilities Management solutions can help you achieve this goal.

Smart sensor based solutions can help in reducing unnecessary heating and cooling, tracking indoor assets, monitoring water leaks, controlling humidity and noise, water conservation, occupancy detection, and air quality monitoring. All this can help increase the comfort levels of occupants while controlling costs.

Occupancy detection

Real-time occupancy, location, and foot traffic data can be analyzed to identify space usage patterns, allowing reconfiguration of offices and retail location layout for greater efficiency.  The data can be used to train Machine Learning models for predicting future space usage patterns.

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Employee safety

Using the Talosys smart safety solution, Facilities Managers can protect employees by more efficiently monitoring employee safety and ensuring alarms are raised in dangerous situations.  The employees are not tracked, but they can initiate contact with a designated security person by pressing a button.

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Equipment tracking

Monitor the location of your assets, both indoors and outdoors, using long-range, low power, low cost smart wireless sensors.  The sensor can be attached to a packet, pallet, or piece of equipment so you can locate it on the map of the facility at any given time. You can also get an alert if it leaves the facility without authorization.

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Environment monitoring

Poor indoor air quality is as harmful as poor outdoor air quality. Monitor the level of Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, PM2.5, and other harmful gases and pollutants to ensure the comfort and safety of occupants. Noise sensors are available to monitor noise pollution levels.

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Rodent control

Rodents are a major concern in many facilities. Smart wireless devices catch a rodent and then alert the staff by text message or email so that the device can be emptied and reused. No Internet connection is needed, the devices consume very little power, have a long-range, and require little to no maintenance.

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Waste bin level monitoring

Talosys’s smart waste management solution monitors waste bins and sends notifications when a certain threshold is reached, so waste is collected only from the filled bins, resulting in greater efficiency.

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Water conservation

Landscapes can be optimally irrigated by monitoring soil moisture, thereby conserving water. The water leak monitoring solution alerts users when a water leak is detected and shuts off the valve automatically, minimizing potential damage to the property.

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