Ambience Monitoring System

Optimize Air Quality, Save Energy, Boost Productivity with Smart Sensors.

Smart, wireless air quality sensors provide schools and offices with valuable insights into pollutant levels, helping save energy, boost productivity, and ensure a healthier environment for students and staff.

Ensure optimal indoor air quality with the TALOSYS IAQ Monitoring System. Designed for quick installation and equipped with advanced sensors, it provides real-time data and alerts for key environmental parameters, ensuring a healthier and safer indoor environment.

  • Quick and Easy Installation: Wireless sensors with long battery life can be installed in minutes.
  • Datalogger Feature: Capable of storing data on the device in case of network outage.
  • Actionable Alerts: Set sensor reading thresholds and alert settings, and receive alerts via SMS and/or email.
  • Traffic Light Indicator: Provides visual status and alarms with traffic light indicator and buzzer.
  • Security & Privacy: Highest HIPAA-compliant data protection standards with end-to-end AES encryption.
  • Custom Reporting: Schedule daily, weekly, and/or monthly custom reports.
Multiple Sensors in One


Get Alerts when CO2 levels exceed desired
levels. The detection range is 400 ppm -5000 ppm.


Detect coarse particles from sources like road dust, pollen, and mold spores.

Carbon Monoxide

Stay proactive in protecting against carbon monoxide exposure with TALOSYS IAQ Monitoring System.


Detect ultrafine particles from sources like vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions.


Detect various volatile organic compounds from sources like paints, cleaning agents, and vehicle emissions.

Temperature & Humidity

Display and Capture temperature and humidity data.


Detect fine particles from wildfires, and particles from gases like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.


Detect formaldehyde emissions from sources like building materials, furniture, and household products.

PIR Motion Sensor

Reliably detect the presence of humans to automatically turn light on and off.

Sample Dashboard: Data will vary based on the sensors connected to the system.

Multiple Sensors in One

Monitor CO2, TVOC, temperature, humidity, light, and barometric pressure in a room from one device. Increase productivity and improve well being of occupants of the room.

Easy Installation

Easy installation due to the modularity and size of the sensor.  Quick and easy setup of the software for monitoring and reporting.

Reduced Energy Cost

Regular monitoring of the indoor air quality can help to optimize the HVAC system performance, ensuring that it runs only when required.

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