Vaccine Cold Chain Monitoring

Foolproof safety and integrity of vaccines can only be accomplished through seamless temperature monitoring and automatic logging of data from the point of production to the point of administration of vaccines.  The monitoring system must also be capable of measuring ultra-low temperatures for some vaccines.

The Talosys vaccine cold chain monitoring system continuously tracks the temperature and location indoors, across town or across the world without any blind spots.  The sensors have a long battery life and an extended range.  It can monitor temperatures in the range of -328°F to +325°F (-200°C to 162°C).

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  • Get continuous updates of the temperature and location of your vaccine inventory on the smartphone, tablet or computer around the world
  • Ensure that vaccines and medical supplies reach their destination without losing their potency. 
  • Meet compliance requirements.
  • Easy to deploy in minutes.
  • Plug and play for monitoring refrigerated vans.
Cold Chain Logistics