Food Services

Comply easily with regulations, maintain proper temperature and humidity in refrigeration units.

Automatically monitor temperature and humidity in refrigerators with the Talosys smart food services solution for regulatory compliance and receive text messages and email alert notifications. 

The same system, with additional smart sensors for air quality, can ensure safety and comfort for your patrons. The smart wireless sensors work at long ranges, consume very little battery power and provide analytic data for additional insights.

Refrigerator Monitoring

Use the Talosys temperature and humidity monitoring solution to maintain the proper temperature and humidity conditions for refrigerators and freezers. Maintain automatic temperature and humidity logs for food inspectors and for complying with local and state regulations.

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Rodent Control

Rodents are a major concern in most food services. The Talosys Smart wireless rodent control solution helps catch a rodent and then alerts the staff by text message or email so the device can be emptied and reused. No Internet connection is needed, the device consumes very little power, has a long-range, and requires little to no maintenance.

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WASTE bin level monitoring

React to real-time fill levels, avoiding spillovers and littering.  When the fill level reaches a certain predefined level, an alert is sent automatically from the wireless sensor. This allows for more efficient waste management, reducing pickups of half-empty bins.

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