Improve operational efficiency while providing a safe environment for students and staff.

Manage lockdown situations effectively, track equipment and supplies, improve waste collection, detect water leaks, conserve energy, and monitor temperature in cafeteria refrigerators and coolers – all using Talosys smart wireless solutions. 

Smart sensor based solutions can help in quicker response in case of a lock down situation, tracking indoor assets, monitoring water leaks, reducing unnecessary heating and cooling, monitoring humidity, noise levels, water conservation, desk and room occupancy detection, and air quality monitoring. All this can help increase the comfort levels of occupants while controlling operational costs.



















Door Monitoring

Get notified by text alerts or emails, when a door is opened or closed for a preset length of time.  If a monitored door has been open longer than the preset time, get an automatic notification for security.  Automatically, maintain a log of security events.

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Panic button alert system

Ensure safety on campus and in the workplace using Talosys wireless panic buttons on walls, under desks, or on lanyards.  When activated, text message and email alerts are sent to the designated persons, along with the location where the alarm was triggered.

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Door barricade monitoring

Increase staff protection during lockdown events.Know when a lockdown is triggered, remotely see the location on the map to take swift action.  This wireless sensor works with NightLock.

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Ambient Room Monitoring

Significant fluctuations in temperature and humidity can damage equipment and material.  Monitor ambient conditions of labs and rooms using Talosys wireless sensors to ensure asset protection.

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Occupancy detection

Detect the movement of people indoors and foot traffic data in real-time to track occupancy and ensure the comfort of occupants.  The collected data can be analyzed to identify space usage patterns, allowing reconfiguration of layout for greater space efficiency.

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Waste bin level monitoring

Talosys’s smart waste management solution monitors waste bins indoors and outdoors and sends notifications when a certain threshold for fill level is reached, so waste is collected only from the filled bins, resulting in greater efficiency in time and effort.

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Refrigeration Monitoring

Monitor temperature conditions of walk-in coolers, freezers, and other food storage areas to maintain proper food safety.  Monitor open/close conditions of doors to prevent accidentally leaving doors open, resulting in food spoilage.  

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Rodent control

Smart wireless rodent control device catches a rodent and then alerts the staff by text message or email so the device can be emptied and reused. No Internet connection is needed, the devices consume very little power, have a long-range, and require little to no maintenance.

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