Logistics & Supply Chain

Track containers, fleet vehicles, and pallets using wireless smart sensors and reduce operational costs

Insurance statistics state that in the United States, equipment worth hundreds of millions of dollars is lost every year with only a small percentage of it recovered.  Monitor the location of each asset using Talosys and get automatic notification if it leaves a predefined area.  

With Talosys’ long-range, low power, smart asset tracking solution, monitor assets to know whether they have been moved, tampered with, or require attention and receive automatic text messages and email alerts.











Inventory Tracking

Monitor inventory using smart wireless sensors that work over long ranges and consume very little battery power. The smart, wireless sensor can be attached to a van, a pallet, or to individual packages on the pallet.  These low power, long-range sensors can track the asset over long distances.

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Track the movement of refrigerated vans from the supplier’s location to the delivery location and monitor the temperature at the same time. The automatically generated report can also be used for compliance purposes.

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Fleet Management

Remotely track the precise location of your fleet vehicles on a map at any time. The Smart GPS sensors work better than traditional sensors, as they have fewer blindspots across cities, states, countries, and continents.  They are inexpensive, easy to deploy, and reusable.

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