Occupancy Detection

Manage spaces more efficiently, save on energy costs, monitor attendance

Companies that track work space utilization and proactively manage spaces save millions of dollars every year.  This is especially true in the case of companies that manage shared workspaces. The data collected is available in the cloud for analytics and space planning.

  • Room occupancy sensor
  • Sensor is installed overhead.
  • Tracks room occupancy 24/7 
  • Easily identify utilization rate of any room or office space












  • Desk occupancy sensor
  • Installed under desk  
  • Tracks desk occupancy 24/7
  • More accurate and reliable than human counters
  • People-counting sensor
  • Installed in any area to monitor foot traffic 
  • Determine the flow of foot traffic, occupancy stats, and trends
  • Useful tool for space management and analysis
  • See floor plans, images or maps of where sensors are placed