Continuously monitor vaccine storage and cold chain temperature, monitor the temperature of medical equipment, and provide a safe and healthy environment for patients.

The TALOSYS smart sensor system helps you maintain desired temperature and humidity, track medical equipment within the property, monitor air quality, and provides an emergency system for the safety of patients and staff. 

Our system provides automated monitoring 24/7/365 with long-range wireless sensors that cover your entire facility, with a battery life of 5-10 years, and can be deployed in minutes.

VACCINE Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring is critical to ensure that the vaccines do not lose their proper potency due to mishandling and improper storage. Purpose-built freezers and refrigerators are required to store the vaccines.   Continuous, automatic monitoring of the vaccine storage temperature ensures that the temperatures are maintained in a specified range 

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Knowing the exact location of your vaccines during transport from the point of distribution to the point of administration of the vaccine without any blind spots is a critical component of vaccine cold chain logistics.  The temperature of the vaccines must be maintained within a specified range at all times.  Any temperature excursions must be automatically logged.  Immediate notification of a temperature excursion allows managers to effectively address the situation, potentially saving lives and money. 

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Patient Safety

Monitor safety conditions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both the patients and the staff. If a patient falls down accidentally, automatic alert the caregiver or if a patient needs help, she can simply press a button to notify the staff.

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Waste bin level monitoring

React to real-time fill levels of garbage containers, avoiding spillovers and littering.  When the fill level reaches a certain predefined level, an alert is sent automatically from the wireless sensor. It allows for more efficient waste management and reduces unnecessary pickups of half-empty bins.

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Air quality

Smart sensors monitor noise and air quality, and keep hospital management informed about the level of pollution with automatic alerts if any preset levels are exceeded.  The smart sensors can cover the entire medical facility with just a few sensors.

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Equipment Tracking

Besides the high replacement cost of medical equipment, you need to be able to locate pieces of equipment easily in case of any urgent requirement. The location of the equipment can be tracked on a map and the nearest designated staff can be notified by text message or email.

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