Practice precision agriculture to conserve water and get maximum yields.

Plants need adequate water to grow and stay healthy. While low moisture causes plant stress resulting in loss of both crop quality and crop yield, excessive irrigation contributes to erosion, loss of nutrients, waste of a precious resource and higher input costs.

Newer technology allows the sensor data collected to be transmitted wirelessly over distances up to 10 miles, and the device batteries last up to 10 years, making these a low maintenance, inexpensive solution that can be easily deployed within hours.













Irrigation & Water Conservation

Using the Talosys soil moisture monitoring solution, farmers can now schedule and apply the right amount of water to crops, reducing waste and maximizing yields. Automatic monitoring frees up manpower, and the data can be analyzed to further improve yields.

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Environment Monitoring

Crop yield can be affected by the prevailing temperature and humidity conditions. The Talosys Environment solution allows the farmer to remotely monitor temperature and humidity.

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Farm equipment logistics

Smart Farm asset tracking prevents the loss of or theft of farm equipment, such as tractors and tools. Since the long-range smart sensors can cover a large area, they can be deployed on a large farm to help track the location of tools and equipment.

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Livestock tracking

The Talosys cattle monitoring system allows farmers to prevent the loss or theft of livestock, while at the same time monitoring the well being of animals.  The smart sensors used are inexpensive, work over long distances, and require very little maintenance.  

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Rodent Control

Rodents can become a nuisance on the farm. Smart wireless devices can catch a rodent and then alert the farmer by text message or email so the device can be emptied and put to reuse. No Internet connection is needed, the devices consume very little power, have a long-range, and require practically no maintenance.

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