Wireless Rodent Control FAQs

What can Rodent Control SoLUTION do for my facility?

Rodent Control is a smart, automated rodent trap monitoring solution that helps commercial facilities substantially reduce time and money spent managing rodent infestations by instantly alerting facility managers, pest controllers, and an unlimited number of designated contacts via email and SMS text message when a rodent has been trapped. The solution provides real-time updates of trap status and activity, along with automated compliance reports.

How does it work?
  • Environmentally friendly traps are deployed in any areas where rodents may be present. Traps may be deployed indoors, outdoors, and even in wash-down areas.
  • A quick, humane, high-voltage shock is administered to ensure a 100% kill rate.
  • Once trapped, an alert is sent via SMS text and email to designated recipients.
  • Rodents are dispatched in seconds and hidden from site until the trap is serviced.
Who should use Rodent Control?

 Rodent Control is perfect for food processing plants, retail stores, educational facilities, healthcare organizations, hospitality providers, office buildings, multifamily units, government offices, and anywhere else rodents are present.

How many rodent traps can be deployed?

Unlimited. As many as your customers need.

How long does it take to install Rodent Control?

Solutions are designed with QR code provisioning for plug-and-play installation. Simply scan the QR codes using the Talosys app, place the traps, and start monitoring. Total installation time will vary based on facility size, but each trap takes only a few minutes to deploy.

What maintenance is required for Rodent Control?

There is no maintenance required to maintain your Rodent Control solution. If a sensor stops working for any reason, we’ll replace it for free during the subscription period.

What types of alerts are available?

There are both email and SMS text message alerts that can be delivered to recipients based on configured alert notification thresholds.

Do the sensors have to be plugged in?

No. Our sensors are wireless, and battery operated.

How long does a sensor typically last?

Rodent Control sensors are designed to consume low power. One sensor can last upwards of 3 or more years.

Does Rodent Control come with a warranty?

Rodent Control includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime replacement warranty. If you are not satisfied with Rodent Control for any reason, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days. 

How many alert recipients are supported?

Rodent Control can support an unlimited number of alert recipients.

How much does the solution cost?

Rodent Control is designed to fit the needs of a variety of facilities. There are no upfront costs, but the total cost of the solution will vary based on the unique size and needs of each building. Contact [email protected] for a personalized estimate.

How is the data protected?

Your privacy and security are top priorities for us. Rodent Control protects data from end-to-end using AES 128-bit data encryption.

Is a computer required to view the application dashboard?

The application dashboard is accessible via computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Who do I call for support?

You can email [email protected]