Use smart sensor solutions and help the frontline essential services workers in fighting COVID-19.

Smart, sensor-based solutions can help ensure good health and safety for all, ensuring smoother operation of the medical facilities during these trying times.

To ensure the safety of all and to facilitate the practice of social distancing, use the Capacity Alert solution and Automatic Thermal Scanner.  Our Automatic body temperature scanner measures the temperature of persons entering a venue.  Use the Capacity Alert solution to manage the number of persons in the store at any given time.

To locate key medical assets such as ventilators and IV pumps instantly, use the Medical Asset tracking solution.  To maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions for pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, use the Temperature Monitoring solution.

Body Temperature Scanner

The Talosys automated, contactless temperature scanning solution allows you to take accurate body temperature readings instantly. You don’t have to point a thermometer at a visitor’s forehead. The accuracy of the scan is +/- 0.5° F. The screen instantly indicates the temperature with a color code — green for pass and red for fail.

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Capacity Alert

The Talosys capacity alert solution keeps track of the number of people entering and leaving a store.  The sensor can be mounted overhead or on the wall.  Available in ultra-violet rays protected, IP67 waterproof enclosure. Slimline design with hidden fixing points makes it a snap to install. Uses integrated dual-channel Radar transmitter.

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Temperature & humidity control

Use Talosys’s temperature and humidity monitoring solution to monitor the temperature and humidity conditions for patients as well as for medical equipment and medicines that have to be maintained within a specific temperature range.  The monitoring is automatic, wireless and it is very easy to setup.

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MEDICAL Asset Tracking

Smart sensors provide information on the exact location of any tagged asset such as ventilators, beds, and IV pumps on a map of the hospital property. Does not require a WiFi connection, uses 915 MHz public frequency. The smart devices send automatic updates and alerts without any blind spots.

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